Johnny Drum Kentucky Bourbon

  • Bourbon
  • 101 Proof
  • No Age Statement
  • No Grain Bill Statement
  • MSRP: $45

First off before you dismiss Johnny Drum due to having not heard of it or the low price, don’t, this offering comes from Willett!

Willett Johnny Drum

Secondly, there is no arguing that this Bourbon priced under $50 is a true value for the money! at least to my palate. I have to admit I was introduced to this by a certain knowledgeable person over at Healthy Spirits, he hasn’t steered me wrong yet & this was no exception. I took this bargain bottle home and after uncorking it and taking my first sip it immediately became one of my favorite bourbons to enjoy regularly after work. I disclose this ahead of time so you will be aware of some bias in favor of this bourbon.

Drum has an exceptional nose with caramel and lovely woody smells, its definitely a drink you will pause with the glass at your lips just to partake the nose just a little bit longer. When it hits your tongue you will find that Drum is a nice medium bodied bourbon, you will taste the wood, the caramel, spices on the back of your tongue as you swallow. Sometimes I get hints of cinnamon other times I find myself puzzling over the other notes, this is a complex bourbon as one might expect from a distillery such as Willett’s. Although this is a strong bourbon at 101 proof I prefer to drink this neat to savor the full flavor explosion.

I should add I hesitate to even review Drum, this is so good, it puts more expensive bourbons to shame and frankly this is the sort of bottle that will bring more people into tasting and loving bourbon in my opinion.


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